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Don’t let the stress of an impending move get you down. Let C & M Mini Storage make your decision for storage as easy as possible! We’re Murfreesboro’s premium local storage company. Try us and see the difference!

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Proud to serve Murfreesboro with quality storage services.

When C & M Mini Storage started 21 years ago, we decided early on that being good neighbors would always be our top priority. With that in mind, our storage services revolve around the simple idea of providing quality storage services at an affordable cost.

Whether you’re moving across town or new to Murfreesboro, C & M Mini Storage will deliver the same high standards of care that have become our calling card – professional storage and peerless customer service at all times.

Find out how we can assist you with your storage needs. Dial 615-867-1711 to speak to a C & M Mini Storage representative in our Murfreesboro office.


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A-Z Storage Services

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In arranging a move to or from a Murfreesboro location, it’s not unusual for there to be a gap between your move out and move in dates. C & M Mini Storage has you covered in these cases with our affordable storage plans that will give you all the time you need before delivery of your belongings to your new address.

C & M Mini Storage storage options are available for all of our customers, ranging from standard storage of household belongings to retail inventory and records management for commercial clients. Whatever your particular case, our Murfreesboro storage centers are an excellent option. Fully protected, immaculately clean, and scalable to your needs, we’ll help you find the storage you need.

One of the benefits of choosing C & M Mini Storage for your storage is that we can offer more than just local Murfreesboro storage units or warehousing. We’re well-connected across the country and have built up a vast network of available storage options. No matter your final destination, we’ll be able to organize a storage solution at an advantageous rate.

If you’re struggling with storage headaches, give C & M Mini Storage a ring at 615-867-1711 and let us work for you.

Areas Serviced

We Service the following areas and surrounding.

C & M Mini Storage is proud to offer the best in services to the following locations.

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5' x 10'

Our 5' X 10' units are ideal for packing up a home office or single bedroom. You’ll have space for a couch, bookshelves, or other smaller furniture with room to spare.

Call: 615-867-1711

All of our storage units are approximately 10 ft in height



10' x 10'

If you’ve got a decent collection of furniture or several larger appliances, a 10’ X 10 is the one for you. It’s our most common pick for a big family room or two-bedroom apartment storage.

Call: 615-867-1711

All of our storage units are approximately 10 ft in height



10' x 20'

For a full family home, this unit has plenty of space to perfectly store your things. Can also double as storage for a larger vehicle or a reasonably-sized boat or RV.

Call: 615-867-1711

All of our storage units are approximately 10 ft in height



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Murfreesboro’s leader for local and long distance moves, C & M Mini Storage is here to answer your call.

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